4 06, 2018
  • High Gravity Hullabaloo's Final Show

The CCBA is retiring. Thank you, Columbus.

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Back in 2013, we founded the Columbus Craft Beer Alliance (then the Grandview Craft Beer Alliance) because we selfishly wanted more access to local beers and fun beer fests we enjoyed. Columbus’ burgeoning craft beer industry had not quite broken through to the mainstream yet. The largest beer fests in town frequently didn’t highlight, or

22 11, 2016

Sideswipe Brewing – Quietly a big success

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Like many of the breweries in Columbus (or anywhere, I guess), Sideswipe Brewing’s personality closely mirrors that of its founder. While some of Columbus’ breweries and their originators have worked to cultivate images and consequently evoke descriptions like “silly” or “sciency” or “hipster” or “rock n roll,” there’s no word that immediately springs to mind for

9 03, 2016

CCBA Beercation: Austin

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If you find yourself in Austin, and we hope that you all do, the large number of choices of where and what to drink can be overwhelming. That's where we come in--we traversed Austin for four days to dig up the best breweries, beers and bars for you fine craft beer loving folks so you